5 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers In 2018

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Solo female travellers have become common over the last few years. However, with safety becoming a major concern, the world plunges into asking the same question, “Can women travel alone in an unknown country?” Well, the answer is yes. All they need is guidance and tips on how to do things alone! Want to know how to ensure the safety of solo female travellers? Keep reading to find out more.

Be confident

When you are travelling alone, the last thing you want to do, intentionally or unintentionally, is to look worried. If you look fearful, it can draw unwanted attention. And that is something you will want to avoid at all times. Even if you are lost, remain assertive. Don’t lose hope because it is just a challenge and will get over soon. Seek refuge from shopkeepers or families to keep the situation under control. Popular travel agencies in India ensure to provide proper accommodation and transport to single female travellers for their safety.

Act like a local

If you want to be safe, you have to be smart. To make sure you don’t look misplaced, try to dress like the locals. Blending in is the key to survival for solo female travellers. For instance, Hong Kong in spring is still chilly and wet, and the locals wear pants and jackets to cover themselves up. To blend in and not become a tourist target, make sure you have a jacket on. Contrary to that, Paris will be bustling with colours. Notice what is going on around you and implement it in your behaviour. The added advantage is you will get to know the people and culture closely.

Don’t get wasted

You are travelling alone and want to enjoy your time alone. Sipping on a glass or two of wine is fine, but getting wasted is not. You never know what the man sitting on the next table has in his mind. Strangers might not be keen to help you either. The situation can get sticky and out of control pretty soon. If you get wasted and unconscious, it is just opening the way for strangers to take advantage. You don’t want that. Keep the “getting wasted” scenes for your hotel or better, do it back home.

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Keep night time for sleeping

No matter how safe Google proclaims the destination (you are in) to be, don’t try to stroll around at night in an unknown place all alone. That is just plain stupidity. It is easy to fall prey to numerous frauds and scams. Do all your travelling when there is still daylight. Return to your hotel before sundown. And even if you are staying out late, make sure you inform the people at the hotel about your whereabouts. Keep your phone handy and refrain from walking in dark alleys.

Have a backup plan

People call you a control freak for having plan B ready always. But when travelling alone plans A, B, C and even Z seems less. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t freak out. Convey your feelings and be calm. Know what to do if something doesn’t work out. There is no harm in being prepared in every possible way imaginable. Follow your gut feelings, and opt for the next plan whenever something doesn’t seem right. Be safe than sorry!

So, if you have decided to travel alone, make sure you imply these golden rules. Life is uncertain, and you should never let go of any opportunity that allows you to get away from your boring life and enjoy. Travel alone but travel safely. Popular online travel agencies in India offer lucrative deals on solo female travels. They take care of everything from booking hotels to arranging transport. Charging an affordable amount, it is a safe and reliable option. Book today and satisfy your wanderlust!


5 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers In 2018

5 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers In 2018

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