5 Tips To Plan a (Perfect) Shakti Peeth Tour For Your Parents

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Unless they are straight out of Bollywood, your parents are much like any others’ – old-school, devotional and with immense love for God. For them, of course, Goa and Manali would usually be a big no. Religious destinations are their go-to.

This fall, plan a perfect Shakti Peeth tour for your parents. Gift them a memorable trip for no reason whatsoever. (Do you need reasons to gift your parents!?) Here are five tips to follow:

1.Don’t Keep It A Surprise

Yes, everyone likes surprises. But such religious trips shouldn’t be a surprise – more so for your parents. You want to give them enough time to prepare themselves mentally and physically.

Moreover, planning it together with them is a much better idea. You want to keep the trip per their needs and requirements. So, taking their inputs and suggestions is a good idea before booking anything.

2.Don’t Go Overboard

Your parents might not necessarily appreciate it – they are quite frugal after all. And most importantly, it won’t exactly suit your budget.

So, do not go overboard with the trip. Don’t book the most expensive rooms in the most expensive hotels. Don’t book premium class tickets. Don’t arrange for premium facilities. Remember, you can afford convenience at low-cost.

Keep the trip simple, modest and cost-effective.

3.Start The Planning Process Early

This goes without saying. Just like any trip requires it, even this one needs to be planned as early as you can to keep the last-minute hassle and high booking costs at bay.

So, whether you’re going to Shaktipeeth in Himachal, Tripura or Bengal – the key to have a perfect traveling experience is early planning.

4.Create a Relaxed Itinerary

This isn’t your backpacking trip. You aren’t going to Europe with your friends. Your parents need their time to explore things, rest and then explore some more. They have their own relaxed pace.

So, do not prepare an itinerary that needs them to rush from one place to another. Keep the schedule light and flexible. Spare them enough time to enjoy their trip at leisure. Let them have fun at their own speed and preference.

Plan a decently long trip vs. a 2-3 day short, stressful tour.

west bengal shakti peeth tour

5.Work Along With A Travel Agency

If you aren’t a master trip planner – which we know you aren’t – hiring a travel agency is a good idea. Find a good agency and pick a good West Bengal Shakti Peeth tour package, or any other package that fits your needs and budget.

Having professionals by your side can make the whole planning process seamlessly convenient and error-free. They can help you create a perfect itinerary for your parents. Also, they can help you avail good discounts on travel and accommodations.


These are five tips to help you plan a perfect Shakti Peeth tour for your parents.

It has been quite a while since they traveled. So, gift them this experience that they will cherish for long.

(Do not wait for Mother and Father’s day for this!)

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5 Tips To Plan a (Perfect) Shakti Peeth Tour For Your Parents

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