Unique Ways To Beat The Post Vacation Blues

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Now that you’re back from your vacation , it’s time for you to relax. However , once you log into your work computer , the e-mails start to pile up , the rescheduled meetings and the stress starts to kick in. You’re contemplating going back to the campfire night you’ve spent with your partner and the yummy sausages you gorged on. Well, all these memories makes it even more difficult for you to concentrate on work.

This is known as the post-vacation blues . Sometimes you cannot let go of the happy memories of the past and it keeps coming back to the present to catch you unawares. Hence, your work life starts getting affected from it. Hence, there are a few ways you can clear out the blue clouds and maintain a sunny outlook for a better post vacation lifestyle.

Plan the next trip

The happiest part of the vacation is not often the vacation itself but the entire procedure of planning that leads up to it. In fact according to research, just planning a trip can lead to an increased level of happiness. Hence, next time you feel unproductive at work, simply do some research on the next place that you’re planning to visit.

Recreate your favorite dish from the vacation

Food releases oxytocin in our blood which is also known as the love hormone. These are responsible for the giddy feeling that you experience while munching on a delicious platter. Hence, there must be certain dishes that you’ve had during the duration of your trip that made you feel the same way. Thus, create these dishes to relieve those happy memories that have become etched on your mind. You can even share it with your loved ones or write down the recipe on a fancy cooking journal.

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Bring a personal memento with you

Recovering from the fatigue can be as simple as reminiscing the vacation memories. However , you can simply collect a super cute souvenir which is indigenous to the place that you’ve visited with the help of a travel agency in Kolkata. It can be anything from a classic essential oil, a showpiece or even a note or a photograph. Keep these things closer to you at the workplace so that you get those happy memories back which brings a glint in your eyes and a smile on your face.

Create a blog or become a social buff

The best way to preserve all your memories is by documenting it. This way you can go back to them whenever you feel unproductive , sad or lack motivation. Therefore, you can either create a blog or a instagram page comprising of a collection of pictures or a vision board.

Hence, next time you feel sad , you can select to do any of the aforesaid activities. The idea is to look back at the happy memories and reminisce the good times.

Unique Ways To Beat The Post Vacation Blues

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