7 Tips To Fire-Up Your Insta Game With Magical Cruise Pictures

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Spoiler: This isn’t your average photography guide. We won’t teach you how to adjust white balance and find the leading lines.

Cruise tripsusually bringplenty ofopportunities to click fresh, exciting and creative pictures. But not everyone manages to tap on these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Don’t be one these individuals.

If you’re big on Instagram, it’s time to get bigger. And if you want to become an influencer, it’s the perfect occasion to take your game to the next level.

Here are 7 powerful tips to fire-up your Insta game with completely magical cruise pics that will give your followers some new vacay goals:

1.Pick a good cruise ship

This is quite an obvious one and yet so many people undermine it. You can’t click good pictures if you’re sailing on a small boat-like ship that doesn’t have the right infrastructure and luxuries.

A picture in the pool would look much better than you sitting on the stairs of the deck. Don’t ya think?

So, go through all the star cruises packages to pick one that’s big, has enough facilities and pack plenty of things to do.

2.Pack for pictures

Yes, they say pack lightly when you travel. But then it doesn’t completely apply with cruise holidays where you don’t have to lug around your suitcases for a large part. So, pack liberally.

Carry enough stylish clothes to click pictures in. Do not repeat the same wear in more than two images.

3.Share the frame with others

The focus should definitely be on you. But then too many solo pictures can subtly look narcissistic. Besides, it must look like you’re having fun with other people and not just with your alone self.

Share the frame with friends and families you’re cruising with. Meet new people onboard and click pictures with them.

4.Don’t overdo the selfies

Selfies still dominate the insta scene. But when you’re about to post a series of cruise pictures, you risk doing the same close-up pose repetitively, which could make your timeline a bit boring.

So, take small breaks from your regular selfies and get someone else to click your pictures to include different picturesque backgrounds in all their grandeur.

Strike different poses, do fun things, and click moving pictures.

Don’t feel shy or awkward because others are looking. When it comes to clicking killer pictures, be a badass.

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5. Avoid excessively editing the pictures

Except for the minor, necessary touch-ups, avoid editing the pictures to make them look “perfect”.

Let your cruise pictures beat their rawest. Let the natural beauty of nature (and your own) be on display with no filters.

6. Change the background

If you’re on theright Star cruise, you will find countless perfect spots, with incredible backgrounds, to click pictures at.

So, don’t just sit in your room and click hundreds of pictures. Also, do not overly rely on cliché places like restaurants.

Look for different backgrounds on different floors, on deck, at different events and gatherings. Again, you will find plenty. You just have to keep your eyes open and tap on the creative genius in your head.

7. Save some for #tbt

Don’t reveal all your magic tricks in one go. Save some for later.

Meaning, don’t upload all your images in real-time, in one day or in one week. After all, you don’t want to crowd a part of your timeline with pictures of the same theme.

Save some pictures from your trip (perhaps the best ones) for some later dates for throwbacks.


These are seven kickass tips to fire-up your insta game with magical cruise pictures.

On cruise holidays, with such a happening environment, bright lightings and jovial people around, it’s hard to click bad pics. And you know how rare that is when we struggle to find one good picture out of 100 on our regular days.

Make this cruise trip as memorable as possible. And let your Instagram be the witness of those memories.

7 Tips To Fire-Up Your Insta Game With Magical Cruise Pictures

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