5 Tricks That Will Help You Get a Cheap Hotel Booking

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When planning a budget for your trip, you tend to spend a lot of money finding the right accommodation. You think of cutting down on the amenities, but come on, that is not always a smart thing to do. So what should you do? To help you save money on accommodation, here are a few tricks. Keep scrolling down to see what techniques you can apply.

Instead of calling 100 booking sites, call the hotel directly

When you are booking a room using an external site, you might not get discounts; or even if you do, the amount might be meager. But calling the hotel directly will help you get an upgrade easily. So instead of browsing through 100 different sites to crack a deal suiting your need, pick the hotel you like and give them a call yourself.

Look for price drops

Another trick is to wait for price drops. According to hotel and travel experts, Tuesday afternoon sees the biggest drop in price, whereas Friday evening sees a staggering increase. If you make a booking during the weekdays, the drop in price may be greater as compared to one done during the weekend. You have to keep a close eye on the comparisons, but if you are smart enough, book a hotel on a Tuesday afternoon.

Opposites work

The rule of opposites states that you should make your reservation contrary to what the majority does. Hotels in business districts are cheap during the weekends and resorts are affordable during the weekdays. This is because the former ones are populated during the weekdays and the latter, during the weekends. If you follow the opposite rule, you will be able to crack the best deal available.

Get a good agent to do your bidding

This is the easiest and most reliable way to get your work done. A travel agent builds rapport and has a business setting with a number of hotels. This means that when a booking of the particular hotel is made through them, the agents get a cut of the deal. Though it might seem like an expensive process, the discounts levied will reduce the cost, helping you score a good deal. Popular travel agencies in India have associations with the best hotels all across the world. Just pick a location and they will do the bidding on your part.

popular travel agencies in India

Book within the cancelation period

A hotel’s cancellation period can be defined as a period of 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled stay. Many last minute cancellations increase the availability of the rooms at a lower price. Though a risky bet, wait until you have to make the trip. Look for the small window, and make your bookings.

So the next time you go for a trip, make sure to apply these tricks to get a cheap hotel booking. Online travel agencies in India offer lucrative deals on hotel bookings. Contact them today and save loads of money on your next vacation.


5 Tricks That Will Help You Get a Cheap Hotel Booking

5 Tricks That Will Help You Get a Cheap Hotel Booking

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