Exciting Holiday Packages for New Year Celebration Churned Out By Tour Agencies

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New Year’s Eve is here, and we are busy chalking out different plans to make it the most fun- filled holiday weekend. But is partying enough every year? This year, you could try something different by embarking on a thrilling journey to an exciting location in India with your group of friends and family. India is a land of diversities, and you get to taste everything at affordable packages, from the sea to forest, lakes to hills and much more. From the rich cultural heritage to the serene sunsets by the beach, you can choose anything to end this year and begin a new dawn with a refreshing mood. The best way to escape from everyday humdrums and spend your winter holidays for the New Year would be by traveling to an exotic location.

The leading tour agencies in India have churned out an array of affordable holiday packages to spend New Year eve this year, and you must check out the endless options at the soonest. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations in India to head to.


Goa is probably the most popular holiday destination for the New Year’s Eve, and the beach lovers enjoy the most there. From the cheap booze and shacks at the beach to the rave parties happening all round in the best clubs and pubs, if you are the party freak, Goa should be your year-end destination.  You also get access to the luxurious hotels and if you are the adventure lover, a lot of water sports are easily available to enjoy with your group.


Do you love hills and looking for a chiller version of December to enjoy New Year’s Ever this year? It is time to take your group for a thrilling holiday at McLeodganj of Himachal Pradesh. Popular as the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile, this place is very unique with the Tibetan culture pouring out from every corner.   The peaceful ambience with amazing scenery and pretty cafes to curl up into, take your group to this serene place for a very different experience this last week of the year.


The city of Lakes, Udaipur of Rajasthan is one of the most romantic destinations of India. If your group has a lot of couples, you should make way to Udaipur this New Year’s Eve.  The pleasant climate with a rich Rajputana flavour smeared in the air, the handicraft market, pretty lakes and colorful festivals happening all round, you will love to taste the traditional beauty of India in Udaipur, with authentic Rajasthan delicacies.


The Venice of the east or Alleppey of Kerala is the land of canals, lagoons, beaches and backwaters.  The India tour groups recommend this place to spend the New Year’s Eve, amidst the green forest and clear backwaters in houseboats.  This would definitely be counted as a very offbeat way to end the year.


Looking for a very ethereal or surreal place to indulge in before the year ends? You have the best option in the form of Kutch. The Rann festival on the stretch of white sands takes place from December to February, and you shouldn’t miss this! The traditional functions, adventurous camping or gorgeous hot air balloons will make your year end on a perfect one.  Plan one of the best group holiday packages in India here.

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The North East of India is no less than a paradise and New Year’s Eve must be spent there. Shillong is a lovely hill station to be in, with beautiful mountains, lakes and waterfalls adorning the place.  The rock concerts also happen during this time of the year, and you get to experience a very fulfilling holiday.


Exciting Holiday Packages for New Year Celebration Churned Out By Tour Agencies

Exciting Holiday Packages for New Year Celebration Churned Out By Tour Agencies

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