Don’t Let The Post-Puja Mood Dampen Your Travel Spirit: Find Out How!

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So with the ashche bochor abr hobe feel wafting in the air after Durga Ma leaves her baaper bari, it is not only the festive mood that seems to peter out – but one thing that makes you  crib for sure is the ‘finance’ department of your life. For all Bengalis and those who love to celebrate and make the most of Durga Puja, pandal hopping, street food and bhuribhoj – all these take away the hard-earned cash, apart from the never-ending shopping spree where you see the roads of Gariahat, New Market, Hati Bagan and, of course,  the stores in the plush malls just flooded with footsteps even when it is Panchami or Sashti.

If  you are not among those who have packed their bags and escaped to some serene place away from the noise, crowd an chaos during Durga Puja- well, then keep the travel lover nestling in your heart awake, from time to time.

The travel buff in you must never sleep: Cues are everywhere!

Well, it is an accepted fact that those who are travel buffs they never lack in  inspiration when it comes to making travel plans. Nowadays, things have become more accessible and finding travel inspiration is easy. A close-knit conversation with friends over coffee and bruschetta can do you a lot of good in getting the best recommendations and ideas about travelling. Get in touch with a reputed travel agency and talk out your needs. The travel blogs, glossy covers of different magazines can nudge you to book the flight tickets today, no matter how irrational that seems (only after you have done it) ! The social media feeds and pictures always make you feel that what you have is not enough with so many people out there doing so many things, how can you be a satisfied soul!?

 Complacency is not good , but at the same time being overtly ambitious also comes with its flaws. Well, let’s not grind expectations with reality- keep that mind of yours alert as it will help you in filtering your bucket of travel ideas and pin down the final one.

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Post-puja wallet woes is a fact: Switch to the save mode soon

There is no point engaging in couple tiffs or rebuking your child becausebest your expenses just got the better of your spending ability- it is a fact with almost every household after puja. So relax, accept the reality that finances have received a jolt, so better cut down on those unwanted expenditures now and take steps that will help you to save money. If the mutual fund returns also showing some gloomy figures, don’t lose hope, remember the key-phrase that the pot-bellied, half-bald agent told you rightly when you were investing – don’t keep on checking out at the NAV thing, look back at the money that you are saving after 5 years, at least.. 😀

Spool a checklist of ‘where to go in December’ : Seek professional help!

Do your research in tune with your love for a place and no matter where you want to fly and unwind- take the decision wisely. Be it a domestic destination or an International destination that you want to visit and bid adieu to 2019 in style, a top Kolkata agency in Kolkata can be of great help. Choose the best agency that can take care of your travel needs, budget and other preferences and gift you a hassle-free trip. If you want to go for a cruise holiday in December in some of the happening places in and around the world, let the best travel agency make your dream vacay, picturesque and memorable. Dial a reputed name today!

Don’t Let The Post-Puja Mood Dampen Your Travel Spirit: Find Out How!

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