A Guide For Your End-of-Year (Much-Needed) Traveling Bash

Here are nine tips for your much-needed, you-know-you-want-to, end-of-year traveling bash

Normal people spend their New Year’s Eve at home.

Cool crowd spends it at parties with friends.

Legends spend it while traveling with amazing strangers.

(Yes, we totally made that up. But it sounds good, does it not?)

When you want your 2020 to be something super, fresh and life-changing, why do you want to give it the same, old, boring start?

Plan an amazing traveling experience for yourself to close this year, and begin a new one, the right way. Travel your heart out this December and January.

Here are nine tips for your much-needed, you-know-you-want-to, end-of-year traveling bash:

1. Don’t wait for your friends

Yes, you would naturally want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your BFFs.

But the thing is that they might not necessarily be as big of a traveling buff as you; they might not have the time for this trip; they might have other commitments.

Don’t let their “no” be a party-spoiler for you.

If they don’t want this traveling bash, let them be. You go on an epic solo trip.

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2. Stop with “I don’t have the money”

Traveling doesn’t cost as much as you think it does.

Trust us: often, it’s not about money, it’s about intent. If you really want to travel, money would never be a big constraint.

So, get over this lame excuse this time. You have enough money to afford at least one trip.

3. Know a thing or two about budgeting

You weren’t born rich. Your family didn’t inherit a fortune. We get it!

This is where the idea of budget traveling comes in.

For instance, if you’re planning for a Europe trip, yes, it’s going to cost you big.

So, if you’re limited in budget, you would rather want to pick Thailand, work with a reputed travel agency, choose a budget hotel over a luxury suite, and go for street-side outlets over posh restaurants.

Small things you do on the trip can make a big difference in your budget.

4. Start planning right away

It’s October already. Start planning immediately. Like, IMMEDIATELY.

Early planning can help you save big on your bookings.

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5. Apply for the leave at your office

“Sorry, we can’t approve your leave. There’s too much work pressure at the moment.”

This is likely the last thing you would want to hear from your boss or HR after you have created a whole traveling fantasy in your head.

So, as soon as the plan is ready, send an email for a few days leave from your work. Don’t take “no” in response.

6. Don’t chase the mainstream destinations

Paris, London, NYC, Edinburgh, Melbourne, New Orleans, Dubai, Valparaiso, Goa – these are some of the most popular cities to spend New Year’s Eve in.

And they are also quite mainstream! Crowded, expensive and, yes, very crowded.

Instead, pick off-beat destinations that are just as incredible but less-packed and affordable. It includes Koh Phangan Island (Thailand), Galápagos (Ecuador), Madeira (Portugal), Rugen (Germany), Weymouth (UK), Tarkarli (Maharashtra, India), and Puducherry (India).

7. Meet new people

Just like you, a free bird, thousands of other people, too, will be seeking traveling thrill around the New Year season. It is one of the best opportunities to meet them, befriend, and create a lifetime of memories.

So, bring out all your extroverted energy, approach strangers and talk to them. The world isn’t as bad; often, you will find some of the nicest people on such trips.

Start your new year with a new circle of friends.

8. Don’t seek comfort – seek adventure

Don’t comfort yourself in the coziest hotel rooms, over-planned itinerary, sitting alone in the parties, over-following your Google Map.

Get out of your comfort zone. Seek adventures.

Go out of your planned track. Join that group of people in their journey. Try new foods in that weird restaurant that wasn’t in your plan. Go on an unplanned trail. Meet new people. Do crazy (but safe) things.

Remember, comfort never make for good stories. Adventures do.

9. Click a lot of pictures

Not for your Instagram.

Not to show to your friends who ditched you to make them feel jealous.

But for memories of a wonderful trip that you enjoyed to the core… for your courage to go on a solo trip… for your decision to finally drop every excuse and actually travel… for the way you started 2020, a year that would be the best in your life.

Yes, click a lot of pictures of yourself, with strangers-cum-friends, of amazing places that you visited.


These are nine simple tips to enjoy a great trip during the New Year season.

End 2019 and start 2020 the right way this time.

Experience the traveling experience that you have only heard of till now.

Just take that decision. Take it!

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A Guide For Your End-of-Year (Much-Needed) Traveling Bash

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