Clear Water and Exotic Interiors: A Cruise Trip That Every Couple Should Take

Genting Dream Cruises

“Honey, let’s go on a trip!”

Thinking of going somewhere far from daily mundane life? A place where the sky and the sea meet? A place where the clouds float above your head and the sand touches your feet? A place where you and your partner will be alone, far away from the chaotic world? Then give this article a read.

Dream Cruise liners are deemed as one of the top cruise ships in Asia. The reasons are simple- they have more to offer than you can devise. With exotic locations on the itinerary, you not only float on the clear blue sea but wake up to new destinations every day. Introducing a new liner, namely, Dream Cruise Genting, they have some extraordinary things to offer.

Genting Dream Cruise

But what makes them different from others? Well, the number of facilities provided on board is truly staggering. Read the following points and make sure you have the suitcases ready!

  • The accommodation option on the ship is stunning. With suites and rooms categorized according to budget and preferences is worth the try. There is a garden penthouse which comes with 1 large room with a king-sized bed and a smaller room with one queen bed. There is a private balcony which allows you to sit and enjoy the mesmerizing view. For the penthouse you also get personal butler service. Apart from that there are executive suites which have all facilities needed to unwind. Choose accordingly and let luxury wash you over.
  • The dining option on the Dream Cruise Ship is all about indulging in a variety of cuisines from all over the world. With top chefs preparing the meals, you can expect to get some of the best and delicious dishes on board. While there is a large dining section inside the ship, arrangements for a nice romantic dinner can be made on the deck. There are bars, bistros and cafes spread all over the cruise with different dishes to offer, thus keeping your gastronomical flanks satisfied.

Dream Cruise Ship

  • The entertainment section of the ship will keep you and your partner amused throughout your time on the cruise. From a number of activities to undertake (maybe you should take the cooking classes at last or how about Salsa dance classes), there are cabaret units with exclusive performances by professionals. Spa facilities are also on the list of itinerary. And if you want some moments to cherish for the lifetime, hit the deck and see the sunset. *enough said*

Have not already packed your bags? Bookings are now open. The Dream Cruise Genting liner includes two packages- one for 5 nights and other 2 nights. So schedule your trip accordingly. The ship cruises around Hong Kong and Japan, while stopping by the shores for a quick gateway on the land.

So book your trip today and float on the clear blue seas while enjoying the exotic facilities on the cruise. They are cheap and affordable with many special offers levied!


Clear Water and Exotic Interiors: A Cruise Trip That Every Couple Should Take

Clear Water and Exotic Interiors: A Cruise Trip That Every Couple Should Take

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