5 Wrong Ideas Hollywood Gave You About Solo Travelling

why solo travelling is best

Hollywood gave us Avengers, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption and Keanu Reeves. And it also gave us plenty of wrong ideas about solo traveling.

No, your trip to Europe and Thailand won’t exactly pan out that way. You cannot just impulsive pack your bags and get on the plane. And it certainly won’t be as dreamy with corny music in the background.

If you’re planning for a solo trip, two things:

  • Congratulations; it’s going to be an experience of your lifetime.
  • It’s important that you get the realities correct before setting out on the journey.

Here are 5 misconceptions Hollywood has helped create about solo traveling that so many of us have happily, undisputedly embraced:

1. It’s all about being spontaneous

When it comes to solo traveling, spontaneous should be more like “you know what, I am going to eat salmon and not sushi” – and NOT “I love my home some much; let’s pack for Thailand”.

Leisure traveling, even when “leisure”, ironically enough, demand the hassle of planning. This is more important for solo traveling.

To keep the problems at minimal and fun at most, you need to plan your trip thoroughly. If you aren’t a seasoned traveller, you must work along with a top travel agency to pick a good destination, make all your bookings andcustom-create your idealitinerary.

2. You will find your prince/princess charming

It was cute how Jesse and Celine’s stories turned out to be in ‘Before Sunrise’. But that’s not how yours is going to be like.

You won’t findyour soul mate on the trip. It won’t happen. It just won’t.

You might find good people who will become your long-term friends. But soul mate? Nah!Life is great – but it isn’t that granting.

3. Being lost is fun and exciting

Not really.

When you’re lost, at best, it would be extremely hassling and expensive even. At worst, it could besomething, well, worst.

So, do not romanticize the idea of being lost in a foreign country. It’s not really fun and exciting.Know all the key locations, your routes and other little details of the destination you’re solo-traveling to.

do not romanticize the idea of being lost in a foreign country

4. It won’t be expensive

Intriguingly, no matter how broke the hero and heroineare, they always end up in luxury or executive suites, wearing the finest clothes, gorging on the best food and giving that million-dollar giggle.

In reality though, if you’re looking for such premium comfort and convenience, you’re going to have to shell out some money. Sure, you can save decently in certain departments. But, in the end, don’t expect that solo traveling experience to be a cheap one – not at least if you’re traveling to posh destinations with your high-end demands.

5. Everything will be fine

If you haven’t planned the trip well and aren’t careful throughout the journey, not everything might end up fine. A discussion or meeting with a Kolkata tour and travel agency can help. You can check out cruise ship packages also if you want to go for cruising.

Now, this isn’t intended to scare you off your solo traveling plans. It simply means that you must thoroughly plan your trips; more so if you don’t have extensive experience traveling alone.

Do your research of the place you’re traveling to, make your bookings in advance, have a proper plan head-on (like the sights you will see and places you will visit), and work closely with your travel agency.

Do these and everything will certainly be fine.

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Those are great movies. But they are also far from being a traveling guide.

Don’t take notes from Hollywood when planning your solo trip.

The whole experience will definitely be exceptionally exciting and memorable. But it won’t happen magically. You’ve got to make that happen by attending the big and little details.

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5 Wrong Ideas Hollywood Gave You About Solo Travelling

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