Enjoy Quality Beach Time This Summer at These Off-Beat Places!

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Summer is here, and there is nothing that celebrates it like the beach. However, some of the places in the country and abroad that were earlier known for their calm have now been completely taken over by tourists.

So, if you are wanderer who is not looking to add glitz and glam to their lives during their beach vacation, then you are at the right place.

We are going to let you in on a few places that are still pretty chill and will let you enjoy the sunsets and sunrises with your peace.

Here’s our list of off-beat beaches to get your summer vibe going this season:

1. Visit Kerala and the historic Ezhimala Beach

If you travelling to the extreme south of the Indian subcontinent all the way to Kerala, then take a detour and visit Ezhimala, a 55 kilometre journey from Kannur.

Revered as a cultural hotspot, this one has found mention in Sangam Literature and also the Ramayana.

You can also check out the different stone caves, carvings, and other attractions around – or just take some time off and walk the beach without much in mind!

Once you visit Ezhimala and revel a few days, the rest will seem like it is drifting away into the horizon, while you are free in the very moment!

2. Experience the solitary contradiction of South Goa at Cola Beach

Think Goa has become far too mainstream? Then you need to visit Cola beach at South Goa – the one that is still virgin, solitary, and sounds like nature instead of people. There are not many people around, but Cola will give you an experience unlike any other.

The blue-green estuaries and the beach vegetation are a sight for the sore eyes and perfect for a quiet summer holiday.

You could make a trip to Cola at affordable prices if you visit with group tours in India – and it will be a hassle free journey!

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Enjoying a few beers in this wonderful South Goa destination is a wonder in itself – something that will definitely add value to your summer this year.

3. Go completely off-grid with Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

You might not even have heard the name of this one – the Ottinene is located in a unheard little town of Byndoor, and is a must visit if you are into lush jungles and greens bordering an amazing beach and a exquisite estuary.

Ottinene will be a revelation for your beach travels and you can come and thank us later for your magnificent experience. If you want holiday tour groups to get you there, then now is a good time to get in touch with the best ones you can find!

So, what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags and get set now!

Enjoy Quality Beach Time This Summer at These Off-Beat Places!

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