Here are the Most Visited Cities in the World for Your Bucket List!

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Are you looking to visit the most happening places in the world? Then, here’s a list that will help you do just that and some more. As far as travelling trends are concerned, these are the names of the cities that are attracting the most number of people from around the world.

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In this blog, we are lining up the most popular tour cities in the world so that you can visit it with the assistance of a travel agency in Kolkata. So, get to know what the world is all about – and what makes new age millennial travellers go gaga!

Our top picks are:

1. Bangkok – the pride of Thailand

If you want to party, try delectable street food, and travel to the most exotic beaches in South East Asia, then Bangkok is obviously your destination. More than 20 million people visit this city from around the world and there is obviously a reason for it.

It has a bustling night life, great flea markets, and the most unique collection of Thai street food you will find. From awesome tattoo parlors with traditional tribal designs to live seafood, there is much to experience – especially if that is what you are looking for!

Head over to the Thai capital on your next vacation and enjoy the time of your life at the most cost-friendly foreign trip ever!

2. The capital of the Queen – visit and experience the grandiose of the Western Civilization

With more than 19 million people visiting the Queen’s capital and the center of the erstwhile British Empire, London makes second place on our list of most visited cities in the world.

It is filled with the architectural wonder of the Englishmen and there is plenty to make you feel humbled – from Westminster to Buckingham Palace and the host of museums you will find spread throughout the city.

London is a balance of Western tradition and modern urban living with great recreational options including ice bars, happening nightclubs, fashion streets, famous colleges, and the London Eye.

If you visit the city, do not miss out on their bus tour around the city as that will go on to become a cherished feeling for you. Discover class, elitism, and intellectualism in this breathtaking megapolis!

3. Visit the world’s cultural and fashion capital – Paris

Looking to dip yourself in the cultural boiling pot of the world and come out more artsy and elegant? Then Paris, the French Capital is where you need to be. The city has still retained its old world charm and if you really want to experience an evening in Paris like is romanticized in so many movies, then you ought to start packing your bags.

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The museums like Louvre and others, Eiffel tower, and so many more places to visit – Paris is one true romantic dream held in time! More than 17 million people visit this city of magic every year and it should be on your bucket list.

These are the 3 cities that you must visit, if you are looking to know the world a bit more. Not only do these places stand in the center of this whirling planet, but also the fact that so many people from around the world visit these places to enjoy the experience makes it even more alluring for travellers.

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Here are the Most Visited Cities in the World for Your Bucket List!

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