First Vacation with Your Baby: 7 Tips That Moms Can’t Do Without

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It had been quite tasking last few months. You had a baby. You became a mother. And the house finally became a home. Exciting. Hectic. Full of worries. And, of course, full of giggles.

To put a pause to this rollercoaster of an emotional ride, you really deserve a holiday. And so does your partner!

But here’s a problem: traveling with a newborn isn’t easy. There’s a whole range of things that needs to be thought about and taken care of. Not that it’s impossible. It just requires extra preparation and attention on your end so to ensure a pleasant vacation experience for yourself, as well as the little one.

Here are 7 tips for the mothers to plan and enjoy the first vacation with their newborn baby:

1. Pick the right destination

This is very important. For the starters, you want to avoid any destination that has extreme weather condition – too cold, too hot.

In addition, you might also want to avoid crowded places, places that are remote or places that have adventurous activities for “fun”. Mainstream destinations like New York, Paris, and Goa are a big no.

Pick a place that’s ideal for relaxing and chill time. Any beach destination is a good choice.

If you can’t figure out the right place, get in touch with one of the best travel agencies in Kolkata and check out their family packages.

2. Pack heavy (Yes, we said it!)

When traveling with a baby, no matter how much you try against it, you will always end up packing heavy. So, do not even try!

Pack liberally. Include everything that you and your baby would require – from tub chair to portable baby bed. Pack the toys, handy pillows, food products and more.

3. Create a play space for the baby

Babies don’t like drastic and sudden changes around them. They find it difficult to adjust. So, it’s important that you keep their little environment same.

Meaning, once you’re in your hotel room, quickly unpack and create the same home-like play space for the baby. Let them feel comfortable in the new place.

4. Book a good hotel

There are hotels that are just unfriendly for babies. The rooms don’t have the right setup and facilities. Moreover, their room service isn’t good, which is quite important in case if you need something for the baby in an emergency.

So, before booking your rooms, make sure the hotel can adequately accommodate the baby and has all the necessary facilities.

If you need help in booking a good hotel, get in touch with one of the best tour operators in Kolkata.

5. Take turns to babysit

Taking care of a baby is like a teamwork. Take turns to babysit.

Don’t think “we’ll go together”. When your partner is watching over the baby, take an escape. Hit outdoors, go on a stroll and have a fun time alone. Make the most of whatever time you get unapologetically.

6. Spare enough days

Don’t keep the trip short. Both you and your partner deserve these glorious days outside your regular life.

So, take a long vacation. Spare yourself enough days to enjoy this long due holiday.

7. Try not to disrupt the daily routine

Your baby is used to a routine. You do not want to disrupt that.

FROM the time she/he eats and plays TO when she naps – try to keep the entire schedule same to ensure your little one is comfortable and feels home-like.

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These are 7 simple tips for the mothers to plan and enjoy the first vacation with their baby.

Of course, there would be challenges on the way. Things might not go as expected. Your baby might hate the place.

The key here is to work closely and empathetically with your partner here to ensure a smooth experience. Moreover, you want to take time and effort to plan this trip, to cover all the details. If you’re not used to planning holiday trips, hiring one of the best travel agencies in Kolkata is a good idea.

First Vacation with Your Baby: 7 Tips That Moms Can’t Do Without

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