This 15th August, Find Your Freedom in Life to Travel More

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Yes, it’s a holiday – a much-needed one, at that, off your hectic work or college.

Now, you can watch Ben Kingsley’s ‘Gandhi’ for the hundredth time and treat it just like a Sunday, which is do absolutely nothing and then regret how you wasted another holiday.


You can spend this August 15th a bit differently.

72 years back, on this day, the country got its freedom. This year, it’s your turn to demand freedom for yourself from your own self.

This Independence Day 2019, demand your freedom in life from stress, worries, and responsibilities to invest more in wellness and travel.

Sounds corny and cliché?

It’s every bit true.

Feel Free and Listen our national anthem:

You’re Overburdened With Stress

You know this!

While you do have your share of fun every now and then, you still show signs of burnout.

You have too many things to do and too many tasks to take care of. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out is your default mode now. There’s a good chance that you’re even sleep-deprived. And oh, you might not necessarily be in your finest shape that you want to be in, which further triggers your fatigue and anxiety.

And the worst of all? You call this a life – albeit dishearteningly.

You need a wellness escape. And it’s important that you make these escapes a habit for your wellbeing, happiness, as well as relationships.

You Want To Travel (But You Don’t)

Besides, you know you want to travel. You like traveling.

Wandering the unknown land, passing by the strangers, gorging on delicious foods, seeing mesmeric landscapes that your daily life have your forgotten and simply feeling relaxed and excited.

It isn’t Hollywoodesque. That dream is only a decision away from being a reality.

So, stop postponing your wanderlust. Stop saying “when I’ll have enough money” – to travel, you don’t need money; you just need a plan.

Stop letting your work and responsibility dismiss your dream to travel and feel that serenading joy.

Decide That You Will Travel More This Year

This 15th August, find freedom from your stress and worries. Demand your freedom from your “life” to live a life that you desire.

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This Independence day 2019, promise yourself to travel more.

Of course, you don’t have to be a hermit. Just make it a habit to take small breaks every few months to invest in your wellness— in your *real* freedom and happiness.

After all, isn’t that’s what life about?

Plan your first trip on this auspicious occasion. When and where.

Would it be a Singapore cruise? Or would you (finally) travel to Goa?

Do you want the chill on cruise ship Singapore holiday? Or would you rather groove to the music in a club in Goa?

(Or, would you set out on an epic backpack adventure in Europe? ;))

Find a good travel agency and plan your post-freedom holiday.

This 15th August, Find Your Freedom in Life to Travel More

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