Lesser Known Places to Visit in Thailand

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The assets of Koh Samui and the insanity of Bangkok are renowned, but there are lots of other places off the beaten track that will guarantee a memorable experience, a tang of bona fide Thailand, if you may.

Here are some of those hidden gems, make certain you stop at these places before the masses do.


For tourists looking for authenticity, Sangkhlaburi is the site to visit. A calm region, with ample of population hubs including many floating and wooden-stilted villages, Sangkhlaburi has a blend of Thai and ethnic minority crowds, like the Karen and Mon people. On top of a boat in the middle of the Khao Laem reservoir as the sun goes up and mist wraps the mountains around you is probably a sight you will keep in mind for a long time. While there is not much to do when it comes to nightlife, it is an amazing place to stay at for nature and to find what life was like in Thailand before thousands of travellers changed it forever. Get the best itinerary from a well-known travel agency along with customized packages.

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Located in the west of Thailand, Kanchanaburi is possibly most well known for its bridge over the River Kwai and the notorious ‘death railway’ that the Japanese compelled prisoners to construct. At this juncture, you will come across many war museums conveying their story, making it an amazing site for those who enjoy learning a thing or two on their journeys. If you are less inclined towards history, never worry, from elephant sanctuaries to waterfalls in beautiful national parks and a river that’s wonderful to settle down by, there is something for everybody. Kanchanaburi must be added to your list of locations to visit without fail.

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Koh Lanta

When going to Krabi province, nearly everyone chooses the well-known Koh Phi Phi as their island to stay at, avoiding Koh Lanta. Although, Koh Lanta is still a beautiful option. Not as much developed than many of the famous islands, it’s been the next-big-thing for years, yet the number of travellers is still pretty low. With many peaceful beaches, conventional beachfront bungalows, miles of dense rainforests to discover and some of Thailand’s finest diving off the shore in Koh Rok, Koh Lanta might just grow out of ‘hidden gem’ category in a few years, so ensure you stop at before travellers crowd the coasts. Talk it out with a travel agency when curating Thailand customized packages.

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Khao Sok

A large number of travellers only go through the province of Surat Thani to get to one of the prevalent islands, yet it has so much more to propose. Within it, is Khao Sok, a National Park, home to the largest virgin rainforest in Thailand with many activities to keep you occupied, from bamboo rafting on the rivers to canoeing and trekking. There’s a variety of lodging available, consider tree houses among the gibbons as well as cabins next to a scenic lake. With beautiful limestone karsts that are fine viewed from a boat and dense, thick rainforests offering the ideal setting of a trek, it is one of the most gorgeous regions in Thailand.

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So wait no more and pack your bags to see yourself lose amidst the thick forest and lesser-known places of Thailand. Get in touch with one of the popular tour operators in Kolkata to have a well-comprehensive detailed package set for you according to your travel plans.



Lesser Known Places to Visit in Thailand

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