Make 2020 The Year Of Travelling Solo!

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A new decade is knocking at the door. With the looming arrival of the boisterous twenties, there is no better time than now to prepare the quest of a lifetime. Why do the same old? New decade, new call for new travel plans. This what your bucket list should look like while kicking off the new decade. Take this year to the next level!

Go on a solo trip. It is hands down one of the best travel experiences one can gift to themselves. The whole idea of travelling alone and seeing the world is empowering in itself. This also gives you the freedom to make all your decisions by yourself. Be it sleeping late or waking up post sunrise, there’s no stopping you. You can enjoy your vacation (time-off if you may) exactly the way you want it.

That being said, the kinds of activities you want to do, your budget and most importantly your safety becomes a big concern while planning a trip.
In this blog, we have put together a list of most preferable destinations that is well-suited for solo vacationers. Do give it a read!


First on our list is Panama. You can get your PADI Open Water Certification pretty easily here. Then what, go scuba diving and fall in love with it. It’s a tranquilizing destination to travel around and a remarkable spot if you are already a surfer. While travelling alone, make sure to avoid certain spots within the country. Do your bit of research for necessary precautions. Steer clear of walking up to your hotel alone at night, especially in badly lit streets as well as hiking through Bastimentos.


If travelling to Mexico has always been on your bucket list, then there is one place where you can consider traveling solo. Although not much of a sound country to travel to, one can always give Riveria Maya a go. It is a cool place for a solo female vacationer who has a well bit of know-how about everything who is craving for some R&R. Keeping in mind the safety tab, make sure you take those necessary steps. Let the hotel you are staying in, know that you will be travelling alone so that they can make the much-needed arrangements. It is highly recommended for solo travellers to leave out Cancun, explore Tulum, Isla Holbox or Playa del Carmen instead! If you want to have an amazing cruise holiday, let a travel agency make the best plans for you!


Mozambique is one of the most uncomplicated countries if you are traveling around South Africa. It is one of the most trendy holiday destinations among South Africans and it is the ideal pick for solo female vacationers looking to dismount the trodden track. The place is famous for its mind-boggling shoreline, neighbouring islands waiting for you to explore and outstanding scuba diving environment. You can fly to the capital city of Maputo or a little up the shore to the township of Inhambane. If you want to explore the local, there are low-cost minibus taxis that go back and forth between Maputo and many destinations like Xai Xai and Tofo.

Bear in mind as Mozambique is a rising country and at the same time corruption is on the wane, things don’t usually happen by the hand of the clock.

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A safe and sound place to travel alone but a little heavy on your budget travel destination got to be Central and Western parts of Europe. Backpack your way through Germany, France, Italy, and England or stop at lavish destinations like Switzerland, Belgium, and Sweden. You can cut down a little on the budget by taking some economical flights such as Ryanair, around the various countries.

Regardless of where you plan on going, if you employ caution by the book, travelling alone will turn out to be one of the best ways to explore the world. Not only do you get to shape your schedule but also craft the retreat of your dreams.

For a more well-crafted travel guide get in touch with the support team of one of the most popular tour operators in the city. They will guide you down the line and customize a good package for you.

Make 2020 The Year Of Travelling Solo!

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