5 Tips to (Finally) Find the Traveller Inside You In 2020

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It hurts a little bit, did it not, when all your friends have “traveler” on their Instagram bio and you don’t?

You feel out of context when they discuss their incredible vacation stories while you were at home watching Friends’ re-run for the 139th time.

It’s not like you don’t want to travel. YOU DO! But…

Wait, if you do, why haven’t you then?

Still with the same excuses?

How can I do it alone? I don’t have enough money? Where do I start?  

No matter how 2019 turned out to be, in 2020, slay all these excuses. Kick the traveler inside you and take yourself on adventurous journeys that are Insta-perfect and memorable.

Here are five tips to help you finally find the traveler inside you in 2020:

  1. Go with your family

If you aren’t a regular traveler, which you aren’t, going to different unknown places might get you anxious. You might even be scared of it. So, to really get a hang of it and to get accustomed to different aspects of traveling, it’s best to travel with your family a bit.

With people you love and trust around you, you would be much more comfortable, feeling safe throughout the journey.

A few outings with parents and siblings would get you in the right groove of traveling, which is exactly what you need to plan your next trip.

  1. Don’t overly rely on your friends

Going on a vacation with friends is super-fun. But the reality is that they aren’t always available. Moreover, you might like traveling, they not so much.

There are so many reasons why you can’t always travel with your friends.

Letting that stop you from making your bookings is a bad strategy. Don’t overly rely on them to an extent that you scrap your own plans.

If you get an impulse to travel, don’t wait for anyone else. Do ask your friends to accompany you. But if they say ‘no’, move ahead with your plan.

  1. Solo trips are safe

Solo traveling is a big thing now. It packs a whole different level of fun and excitement. Moreover, it’s safer than ever if you plan it correctly.

So, you don’t really need anyone on your trips.

Become a solo traveler. Explore new places and discover new wonders of the world alone.

Give these two posts a read:

  1. Budget traveling is possible

You don’t have to spend big on high-end hotel rooms and posh restaurants. You don’t have to travel in A-Class. You don’t have to eat the most expensive meals all the time. And you certainly don’t need to book Uber every time you need to commute.

There are ways how you can save a lot of money when traveling.

Today, more than ever, when there are so many online conveniences available, budget traveling is possible and easier.

So, eliminate your cliché excuse of “I don’t have the money to travel.” You don’t need a lot of money really. You just need to be smart in planning.

To travel in a budget, contact a good travel agency and work along with them to plan one such affordable trip.

  1. Don’t passively wait for time

“I don’t have time” – you have used that line more often than you realize. And it’s a pretty lame excuse.

If you really want to travel, you would simply make time.

So, ask yourself if you genuinely want to travel. If you do, don’t passively wait for time to come to you. Make proactive efforts to make time. Manage your time effectively. Make plans in advance. Ask for leave from your college or office weeks ahead.

Streamline different ends of your life to really win the extra days and weeks to travel.


Let’s be honest now: your excuses are the biggest reason why you aren’t really traveling as much as you want to. So, in 2020, audit all your excuses and find out how valid they are. There’s a good chance that you will laugh at them.

The above five tips will hopefully suffocate the excuses out of you. Traveling is one of life’s best experiences. When you’re depriving yourself of it, you’re depriving yourself of wonderful joys that life promises.

This New Year, find and fuel the traveler inside you and make 2020 the best year of your life.

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5 Tips to (Finally) Find the Traveller Inside You In 2020

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