The Monsoon Adventure – Going to Off-beat Places

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Travelling is no more the taste of the few and more people everyday are taking it up as their part-time job, leisure activity, and a good way to spend their hard earned money, participating in the rat race. In India right now, it is the season of rain and a lot of people are planning one or the other place to go.

This blog looks into why monsoon is a great time to go to the lesser known destinations and rediscover the adventurer in you. If it sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely read on –

  1. Zipline above the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

A lot of the latest tour groups in India are coming up with adventure holidays, and the Jodhpur zipline is definitely a must visit this season. It offers a picturesque view of the Mehrangarh Fort and the Jodhpur City, which is what makes it all the more exciting. It is a thrilling experience which rushes your inner adrenaline and makes it an experience to remember.

Other than that, your visit to the city can entail local sight seeing like Umaid Bhavan, Ghanta Ghar, and Jaswant Thada, which is going to add to this exhilarating experience.

  1. Enjoy an Adrenaline Rush at Rishikesh   

If you are into mountaineering and other adventure activities, then Rishikesh is the apt destination for you this monsoon season. Climb down the waterfall clips, try river rafting, rappel down mountains, or go on a trek. Rishikesh is fast becoming one the adrenaline hubs of India and people from around the world are coming to the city to make the Himalayan foothills their very own playground.

However, it is your duty to ensure your safety, because any mishap with these sports could become life threatening and it is for your best to maintain all the best practices that tour guides suggest.

  1. Trek to the Sinhagad Fort in Pune Outskirts

Think you have the strength and stamina to trek to a hill top fort? Start with the Sinhagad fort this monsoon and enjoy the picturesque location in the Western Ghats, made all the more attractive with the dark grey monsoon clouds and the earthly green that soothes your eyes and spirit.

From atop the fort peak, the view is truly immersive and one to experience for a life time. However, do not forget to wear the right trek shoes, as monsoons make rocks slippery and that is something you have to prepare for. Also, carry plenty of water, some dry fruits, and insect repellant cream to help you during the trek with most of your needs.

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  1. Trek to Karnala Fort in Panvel  

Karnala fort along with the bird sanctuary is a wonderful place to visit and sweat out during the monsoon. The scenery is ethereal and there is plenty for bird watchers, ornithologists, and natural photographers. The monsoon clouds are what makes this green fort all the scenic with a picture perfect greyish background that would remind you of all the Bollywood movies you have ever seen.

These are the 4 off beat monsoon destinations that you can look forward to during your upcoming vacation. However all of these places are activity based and therefore here are a few guidelines for you to adhere to, so that you can enjoy and yet not fall into some kind of trouble. Let’s take a look –

  • Stay within your role as a tourist

During any adventure trip, always stay aware and cautious, without losing your concentration or gaining some kind of over confidence. All of these activities can become fatal in the worst case scenario and it is best when you enjoy, but responsibly.

  • Always get a guide or someone experienced

While most adventure sports camps have their very own safety measures, it will not hurt for you to have someone who has prior experience. Many localites of the region will be happy to offer you guiding services and if you are with a travel agency in India, then there will be experts who will look after the whole process.

  • Do not Participate Intoxicated

Youth monsoon trips and travels otherwise are fast gaining a reputation of being very rash and irresponsible. It is your duty as tourist to make sure that you do not participate in any of these adventure sports or treks inebriated, as not only could that harm you, it could also harm the business of the location. People may be held responsible for your recklessness and it is definitely going to spoil the whole trip.

  • Keep proper gear and backup according to requirement

If a task requires safety gear or a trek needs you to carry backup items like dry fruits, water, food items, and the likes, then do not leave behind it. These are strenuous activities and the prescribed items will come in handy, if it so happens that you or someone from your group is tired, fatigued, hungry, or injured.

These are some of the thumb rules to follow so that the whole monsoon trip experience ends up as one of the sweet memories to look back to, rather than something disappointing to forget. So, what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags, book your hotels, and get going!


The Monsoon Adventure – Going to Off-beat Places


The Monsoon Adventure – Going to Off-beat Places

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