Celebrate Friendship This August With Your Besties On a Group Tour!

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Friendship Day is just an unadulterated nostalgia and every recurrence of it reminds us of everything that we have gone through during our childhood and teenage years. But sometimes cherishing the memories is not enough, and one needs to make the concerned souls feel remembered and cherished. Sound good enough?

So, this year, take some initiative and call on your closest group of friends for a trip to be remembered. Make sure that your bags are packed for the right number of days and try and get somewhere, where you can have your own stories – rather than mimicking something you have seen on TV. If you want to put the headaches on the responsible shoulders of a travel agency in Kolkata, go ahead and find the best one with care!

To make things touch the knuckles of your heart and that of your friends, why not make Friendship Day the first day of your trip? If its sounds a bit syrupy, let it be… at times a little amount of indulgence doesn’t harm! When you will unlock these intangible treasures during the autumn if your life- a smile won’t seem to be too hard to nestle on those bow lips!

We have found you some destinations that you might be interested in –

  1. Travel to Bhutan – and its regal mountain ranges

Bhutan is one of the bordering states of our country and is exceptionally beautiful in its culture and scenic beauty. A lot of the modern day Sikkimese culture is inspired from this wondrous country, and if you and your friends like mountains, serenity, and a gregarious welcome from the people o the valleys, then this one is it.

Visit the Punakha suspension – a slim suspended bridge near the Punakha fort, and you can cross over to the other side or just enjoy the magnificent view. The streams underneath are no doubt breathtaking, and every heave and sigh will give you the real experience of the country. Other places of interest include Tongsa Dzong, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, and many more. However, as a group tours in India tourist, do not forget to get in touch with the people and imbibe some part of their culture. You and your friends are going to love that and that is where the true magic of travelling lies!

  1. Get to moon land – in little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

If you ever wanted to know how it would look like to walk on the moon, then you might get a slight idea on your visit to the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. This arid region in the Western most state of the country is filled with salt – so much that on a full moon night, the white crystals reflect the moonlight and it seems like you have landed on the celestial itself.

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You can also go on the desert safari and click pictures of the rare herbivorous animals and birds that are found here. Expect to spot the grey coated with white underbelly Wild Ass running on the desert plains, or get in line with the Nilgai population that roams the cracked earth – the choice is yours, but the trip is one to remember. Also, try the vegetarian cuisine

  1. Watch the Puja of the Ganges in Benaras, Uttar Pradesh

Contrary to popular belief, Benaras could be a very exciting place for a friendship day visit, especially if you and your friends are interested in some spirituality. The city, considered one of the oldest in the world and in India is one of stark contrast, centered around the sacrosanct Ganges, the Holy River. For those questioning the motive and futility of life itself, it is a good exercise to witness the evening rites that are performed by thousands of people on one bank of the river, while on the other, just opposite to the holy rites, burn the pyres of men who have had their time in the world.

It is a surreal juxtaposition and compels one to peek inside of himself and realize what they truly want from this life – a feeling that might drive them further from thereon. One can also visit the different ghats and ask revered godmen the questions of existence that have been plaguing them – while one doesn’t know what answers they shall receive, it might open new doors of thought and act as a clairvoyant light to their lives ahead.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle – Visit Jim Corbett National Park

For the adventure and wildlife junkies, Jim Corbett is the place to go – the national park in Uttarakhand is one of the most renowned all over the world and a favorite place to spot the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. Even if you do not spot the king or queen itself, there is plenty to experience, from the lush plains to the scenery of the mighty mountains. There is plenty of options in the fauna as well, from crocodiles and deer, to elephants and the likes.

These are the best places this friendship day with your buddies and you shall have the chance to write your own stories of camaraderie here – other than just following some movie and travelling to the same old. The experience is going to be one for a lifetime, and the pictures very unique. To get the ultimate journey, get in touch with one of the group tours India companies and you are going to be on the right track.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now, gear up, and start your journey with some bonhomie and gregariousness.


Celebrate Friendship This August With Your Besties On a Group Tour!

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