Why New Age Travel Agents Are Your Wanderlust Super Heroes?

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Today wanderlust is the word to be thrown around all over social media and people are really catching on to every traveling chance they get to escape into the surreal from the depressing and often overworked present. But how are these young, super-busy, and corporate employed people with complete lack of any sort of ‘me time’ making some of the best trips one can dream of?

The answer is simple, short, and precise – travel agents.

New age travel agencies in India have taken up the task of refreshing and exciting this youth with the best and most heartfelt tour packages in the country. No, they do not wear red capes, high boots, or layer underwear over their trousers, but these companies are surely breaking new ground and going the extra mile to make sure that the corporate zombies can at least feel a fraction of what the universe has to offer outside of their 9 am to 11 pm jobs.

Now, let’s take a look at what these folks do to enhance your travel experience –

  1. Creating a Network of Locals

No more of plain old sight-seeing, new travel ages are working tirelessly to create a network of locals in every possible destination, and giving their clients the chance to realize the real location – away from the face value and into the deep. So, when you tie up with these agents, you might see a lot of village stay-ins, beautiful sunsets, and narrow pathways into the depths of nature – all excellent pictures for your Instagram profile. And it isn’t just that, you also get to feel the real vibe of the place, mix with all kinds of people and know it for what it’s worth – truly giving yourself a chance to have a life changing experience.

  1. Getting Real Places to Stay on a Budget

If you want to travel on a budget, then you have to cut expenses; and now, staying in real places, away from glam hotels and in tiny bread and breakfast homes is a trend anyway. The new generation of travel agencies are cutting costs like never before, and that is pleasing a lot of millennials. Why?

Well, money is always on the short for them and now they get security from travel agencies, which is obviously a good thing. In order to appease the new-age travel lovers, a top travel agency tailors some of the best group holiday packages in India so that the travel buffs can head to the destinations of their choice with a like-minded group of friends!

  1. Hamlets and Paths Less Traveled

Earlier, traveling in India was like a Bingo scorecard – you had to tick off the major sights and make sure that whatever happened you get to complete the whole list. Now, things have changed drastically and the best travel agencies in India have adapted well to it. Since, all of it has come down to having an experience of a lifetime, agents are setting up new itineraries which include remote villages and hamlets, along with less travelled pathways – something that is not only exciting, but unique – striking the right notes with the youth.

  1. Innovative Methods of Travelling

Since the journey is what people care about now, train stations and airports are being replaced by innovative travel companies for petrol pumps and bike garages. Bikers and car enthusiasts want to travel long distances on their vehicle, and these agents are helping set up the security, stay, food, and itinerary – also giving them mates for their ride, bringing together a lot of likeminded adventure travelers under one umbrella.

group holiday packages in India

This is making trips far more exciting than before and also creating the right kind of ambience for crazy social media posts and vlogs – something that every traveler wants in their kitty.

New travelling companies have adapted and revolutionized the travel scene in India and its metropolis cities and no one is complaining. In fact, for most, it is a refreshing change of pace – something to look forward to. And if you are still wondering why you need to travel with these innovative folks, then you need to give it a shot and see for yourself what all of the hype is worth. But, as far as we have seen, it is going to be a good one indeed.


Why New Age Travel Agents Are Your Wanderlust Super Heroes?


Why New Age Travel Agents Are Your Wanderlust Super Heroes?

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