Decoding Millennial Travelling Preferences – What Travel Agents Need to Know!

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Every generation has its own zeitgeist when it comes to any sort of expression and this one too has made a striking contribution to the glorification of the human race. In a globalized world that is coming closer every day, millennials are looking to travel more than ever – and that seems to be a part of their overall cultural contribution.

And yet, these new wanderers are nothing like what existed before and travel agents often disappoint them because of their inability to think out of the box and constant habit of sticking to conventional practices. But, there is no need to worry – this blog finally gives a way out to all the travel agencies in India by stating clearly what millennials expect from their journey, and it is definitely something you should read!

1. Millennials Think Out of the Box

The thing about the present generation that travel agents seem to miss out on, are that they are extremely flexible about their living space. From bread and breakfasts to hostels, millennials are always looking for unconventional places to stay – and they feel it is part of their overall experience.

However, travel agents often stick to posh hotels or try to give the best possible accommodation, which is something a lot of them do not care about. Therefore, it would be rather profitable if travel agencies in Kolkata organize more budget oriented tours that tie up with shared living spaces – and millennials will definitely come flocking.

2. Their Business Travel Means BnB

If you thought business travels could only be arranged in posh executive suites, then millennials are going to make you think again. The bread and breakfast travel model are good enough for them, because most of their trips just comprise of a laptop and some clothes that have been thrown into a bag.

Travel agents that are looking to attract the millennial crowd, should feel this pulse and make sure that they make such homely low cost staying arrangements – because that is what the youngsters want right now!

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3. Travel for Experience – The Millennial Way

One of the most striking differences between travelling conventions in India earlier, compared to today, is that millennials travel for their experience, whereas before, it was all about sightseeing. The Indian millennial travel model today, is awfully close to the hippie travelers of the west, who came into India and started mixing up with the real imperfect people, to imbibe the essence of the country.

So, if your travel itineraries just have loads of sightseeing, it’s not going to be popular among them. Instead, try to blend in some community mixing and services, or a walk through the intimate pathways of an unheard mountain village, and your travel business will break new grounds like never before.

4. The Road Trip Travel Model

Like a popular saying points out correctly, it is the journey and not the destination – and millennials all over the world live by it. So much so, that you can often see off to different places on rental cars without another plan on their mind – and these kind of trips are almost always fun.

So, your travel agency could start off with such initiatives that would allow your clients to have a one day road trip with a few small stoppages. It would be a great getaway in today’s ever-racing life and you might see people rushing in like never before.

These are the 4 ways in which millennials like to travel and how you can implement in your overall packages. And if you do it well enough, not only will you start attracting more youngsters to your travel agency, but also, you shall stand out from the rest of the crowd. Isn’t that what every travel agency wants?


Decoding Millennial Travelling Preferences – What Travel Agents Need to Know!

Decoding Millennial Travelling Preferences – What Travel Agents Need to Know!

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