Tweaking Your Food Blog With Some Travel Inspiration Can Be Fun!

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Food blogs are a huge thing now and if you want to add some value for your users, then just adding more recipes, diets, and food blog hacks is not going to cut it. So, if you are a unique food blogger, we suggest you mix it up and add some travel flavour to it as well.

In this blog, we are going to let you in on the places you can visit in India to try the unique tastes – and add to your blog. Sounds interesting? You can make it even better by hiring one of the Indian travel agencies to assist you with your quest to better taste. Ready to find out how? Let’s take a look –

1.Take a trip to Goa and try their wonderful Konkani Cuisine

There are very few gastronomic experiences in the Indian subcontinent that are as exciting as Konkani cuisine. Chill at the beach and sip on Sol Kadi, a coconut and aamsol drink that is great for your gut health. In fact, it is a must have after you have had your fill of Pork Vindaloo and Fish Recheado.
Predominantly set in pescatarian tastes, the Konkani cuisine has plenty of spices, grilled and curry cooking methods, and is filled with the tastes of quintessential Indian herbs, something that is very well accepted even in the West.

2.Try the Tibetan and Sikkimese fusion of Sikkim

If you are into oriental tastes, then visiting Sikkim for your food expedition is the best decision you will ever take. The north eastern cousin of the seven sister states and the gatekeeper of India’s chicken neck, this area is filled with Buddhist and Tibetan culinary influences.

Try some hot piping thukpa or noodles which come in every corner of Gangtok and you will have a gourmet experience of a lifetime. Add them to your blog and don’t forget to write about the Himalayan experience – putting both these things together is going to take your social media shares to the next level – Await high traffic now!

best travel agency india

3.Visit the land of kings in Rajasthan

Understanding the vegetarian gastronomy of the country is only possible once you visit the land of the princes and kings in Rajasthan. Try the boondo Raita, as an appetizer and if you want some exquisite taste of spices, then relishing the methi bajra puri and rawa kachori is a must.

Not to mention the wonderful visits to the regal forts and magnificent palaces will add another layer of succulent edge to your blog!

These are the 3 places you must visit, if you want to add more to your travel blog. And make things easy this festive season by getting your trip’s assistance from travel agencies in India.



Tweaking Your Food Blog With Some Travel Inspiration Can Be Fun!

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