5 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Sister That Will Make Her Love You To The Core

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If you’re confused about what to gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan, we’ve got you covered.

(Yes, you’re welcome! ;))

Here are 5 gift ideas that will make her love you to the moon and back:

  1. A month supply of chocolates

Yes, we’re in 2019 but, even in the midst of all fancy gift items, the savoring magic of chocolates remains.

So, you cannot go wrong with this.

Only, your sister wouldn’t settle for one small pack. Gift her a month-supply of chocolates.

The market is spilling with countless varieties of chocolates. Visit an outlet and purchase a pile of them like you’re stocking for life.

  1. Trip to her favorite destination

Your sister loves traveling – everyone does, whether they say it on their social media bio or not.

How about you gift her an exciting traveling experience this Raksha Bandhan?

Not only will she love you all the more, but she will also cherish this gift for the rest of her life.

So, find her favorite destination that she wishes to travel or has on her bucket list. (Of course, be sure that it fits your budget!)

Then get in touch with a good travel agency Kolkata based and plan for her an epic itinerary of a holiday adventure that she would remember forever.

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  1. A (family) cruise holiday

Cruise holidaysare inching to the mainstream. And with agencies bringing flexible and affordable cruise trip packages, more and more families are willing to holiday on the sea.

So, if it has been quite a while since your family went on a vacation together, make this Raksha Bandhan a perfect opportunity for that.

Gift your sister (and your family including yourself) a fun and happening cruise trip.

If you haven’t been on cruise holidays before, expect no less than the most wonderful time of your life.

Find a good travel agency, go through its cruise trip packages and pick one that suits your need, preference, and budget.

  1. Books (and lots of books)

Does her Twitter and Insta bio read “bibliophile”? PERFECT! (Btw, everyone’s bio says that now!)

Next to a cruise holiday, books could be the most fitting gift for her.

And no, we don’t mean the Kindle versions. We mean the real paper book. After all, for real book lovers, biblichor of their collection is their real treasure and legacy.

So, head to a good outlet and start shopping for books of her favorite genre.

Pick books that she hasn’t read or heard of before. Go for ones that she wouldn’t like – help her try something new.

Purchase a pile and stock her small library for the whole year.

  1. A Special day with her BFF

She loves her best friend. And unless it’s the boyfriend, that’s who she is on phone with all the time.

Plan for her a special day with her best friend… A day filled with fun activities, spa time, leisure strolling, adventures and, of course, plenty of foods.

Create an itinerary, include every little detail of the day, and help her spend some fun and luxury time with her BFF, away from all the life’s hassle.


There are many interesting and unique gifts that you can give to your sister this Raksha Bandhan.

So, avoid all the cliché and corny items this year. Match her real emotions when she ties Rakhi on your wrist by gifting her the best gift ever.

The mentioned five gifts would get her love you with all her heart. And, oh yes, they will give new sibling goals for all the brothers out there.

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5 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Sister That Will Make Her Love You To The Core

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