5 Amazing Things You Can Do At Singapore Today!

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Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia, and for good reason. The city-state is one of the most developed in the world and brings together the eccentricity of the West and the mysticism of the East.

Visiting Singapore is definitely an experience to tick off in every bucket list, and there is really no better chance than this. Discovery Holidays, is bringing an iconic adventure to this magnificent country at really affordable Singapore tour packages.

Here, we have brought together the top 5 things you get to do during the tour:

1.Visit the Sentosa Luge

There is probably nothing more enjoyable than riding a luge across a track that is over 600 meters long and takes you down a trail of jungles, or dragons.

The Sentosa Luge which is located in Sentosa, Singapore, is the ideal kind of place to visit and have a good time with family. A must visit during your expedition to the South East Asian country!

2.An adventure trip to Night Safari

Ever want to see the workings of the jungle in the middle of the night? This is a one-off experience open to all in Singapore, something that you cannot do anywhere else without special permissions.

The night safari is a nocturnal jungle experience that houses over 2500 animals today and is conducted by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

3.Walk down Gardens by the Bay

Want to walk down the magnificent lanes of a lush green garden that covers over 101 hectares of land near the Marina Reservoir? It is something you can do only at Singapore, and definitely not an activity to miss.

The picturesque view is a delight in itself and definitely somewhere you can unwind from the daily buzz of your humdrum lives!

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4.Experience the Marine Vista on Singapore Cable Car

What would you say if someone told you could travel by cable car from one island to another? Amazing right?

And totally possible in Singapore. Take the cable car and ride down from Mount Faber in the main island all the way to the holiday island Sentosa. Sounds fun right?

You bet it is – and you finally get to check out the bird’s eye view of the whole scenery!

5.Universal Studios Singapore

Located in Sentosa Island inside Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios is packed with over 28 rides, a host of shows, and other attractions! You can enjoy the ambience and indulge in the different rides that are inspired from various blockbusters.

Take a trip down ancient Egypt or traverse the Lost World in your search for paleo reptiles!

These are the 5 places that you must visit during your Singapore guided tour by Discovery. And if you are interested, you could also check out the Singapore cruise tour explore the land from amidst the blue!

5 Amazing Things You Can Do At Singapore Today!

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