Here’s a List Of The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls In India!

most breathtaking waterfalls in India

Who does not want to immerse themselves in a waterfall mist and gaze into the abyss as the smoky water gives birth to the seven most brilliant colors ever put together?

Waterfalls have always been one of the most breathtaking landscapes to set your eyes upon. And while the world’s most famous ones are all far off, India itself is blessed with many fabulous ones.

We have picked the best we could find and these will give you an experience to remember, without much of a pocket pinch! Get in touch with a travel agency in Kolkata to get the best deals on your travel!

1.The Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa

This magnificent waterfall is located near the Castle Rock station, which is around 60 km away from Panaji. It has 4 different tiers from where the Mandavi River falls to the base of the waterfall.

Earlier, it was open for trekking as well, but right now, that opportunity has been closed. Listed as one of the tallest in the country at over 300 meters, Dudhsagar literally means ‘ocean of milk’.

It derives its name from the foamy waters of the fall that look like milk – which is a wonder to your eyes once you make your visit!

2.Jog Waterfalls in Karnataka

Probably one of the most scenic and direct drop waterfalls in India, this one is a natural brilliance to look at. It takes a deep fall of over 800 feet and has a beautiful lush vegetation surrounding this massive marvel.

Jog falls can be admired from 83 different points and the water mist and drop of Saravathi is a true picture of natural perfection. If you are lucky, you might even spot the rainbow that becomes from the spectrum of the mist in the falls.

Heading over to Jog Falls from Bangalore is around an 8 hour drive and it is definitely worth it – travel with tour groups in India to avoid boredom.

tour groups in India

3.Dhuandar Falls in Madhya Pradesh

Another roaring waterfall is Dhuandar Falls in Madhya Pradesh, and its vibrato can be heard from far away. Located in Jabalpur near the Marble Rock Bhedghat, it is a wondrous sight for everyone looking for a magical landscape!

You can also enjoy a boat ride to experience the Marble Rock or plan safaris in Kanha or Bandhavgarh national parks.

These are the 3 waterall are our top picks for the season if you are looking to visit a waterfall. So, do not wait any longer – just get in touch with a travel agency and set off on your journey to witness a waterfall!



Here’s a List Of The Most Breathtaking Waterfalls In India!

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