Gift Your Sister a Traveling Experience This Raksha Bandhan

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The secret to happiness is to spend money on experiences, not things. Or so Forbes says.

But then it is true. “Give people experiences and not things” isn’t a fad pushed by the minimalists. More and more people are opting to gift experiences over stuffs.

This Raksha Bandhan, keep up with that trend and gift your sister the traveling experience of her lifetime. Whether she wants to travel alone or with her BFF – get in touch with a good travel agency Kolkata today and pick for her a fitting travel package to her favorite, bucket-list destination.

She Will Remember It Forever

Unless it’s really a bad one, few of us really forget our traveling experiences.

Visiting a new place, exploring the unknown, walking with the strangers, partaking in exciting activities and tasting local foods – it’s just like one of those happy movies that’s likely to stay gleaming and fresh in our memories for the longest.

Besides, you know your sister loves traveling; or at least that’s what she writes on her social media bios.

It’s Affordable (And Safe)

Traveling has never been this inexpensive. Moreover, if you’ve planned the trip thoughtfully and know a thing or two about budget management, the trip would be even cheaper.

Moreover, for your parents’ concern, traveling is also extremely safe now provided you have picked the right destination.

If you’re working with an agency that offers the best tour and travel in Kolkata – it further maximizes the security, with personalized assistance and help available round the clock for the travelers.

7 Tips To Plan Your Sister’s Surprise Holiday Trip This Raksha Bandhan

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  1. Pick a destination that she would like or has on her bucket-list for long.
  2. Do your own research on the destination to ensure it’s safe for her and affordable for you.
  3. Tag along her BFF if she isn’t much of a solo traveler and would want some company.
  4. Plan her an itinerary of where she’ll go when and when she’ll do what. But make sure to leave enough space in it for her to plug her own preference and likings.
  5. Work along with a good travel agency Kolkata based.
  6. If your budget allows, don’t make it a “short trip”. Ensure it has enough days.
  7. Have a list of things you want from her in return for this epic traveling experience! 😉


Stuffs are passé. Experience is the new cool.

Do away from the clichés this Raksha Bandhan and gift your sister an exciting traveling experience.

We know she loves you already. But after the trip, she will love you 3,000.

Gift Your Sister a Traveling Experience This Raksha Bandhan

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