5 Things Your Kids (Desperately) Want to Do This Puja Vacation

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Sure, giving in your child’s every demand isn’t always feasible. But then that doesn’t mean you don’t listen to them altogether.

As parents, even when you can’t be a genie, turning wishes into realities, it is your responsibility to at least listen and understand what your little ones want. if your kids love to travel, then you can surely get in touch with a top-rated travel agency in Kolkata to discuss your budget and travel plans.

And here are five things that they exactly want this Puja Vacation:

1. Not rushing to extra classes

Hello… it’s a “vacation”. Yes, you want them to succeed in life; get better grades and win competitions. But then that shouldn’t come at the cost of their fun time.

Don’t be one of those deadbeat parents who send their kids to tuitions and push them into extra curriculum activities during vacations.

Your kids don’t want to attend classes. And you shouldn’t push them either.

2. Spend More Time with You

You don’t spend as much time with your kids as you should. And it’s okay; it’s a story of every modern parent, today, after all.

But then occasions like Durga Puja also bring with them the opportunity to foster some family time and make cozy memories.

And what’s more, your kids want the same. They want to spend more time with their mum, dad, and siblings. You can give them that this puja vacation, can’t you?

3. Not Meet the Relatives

Yes. Please.

Admittedly, she’s your sister; they are your closest friends; you love your uncle’s entire family; you want to talk to your cousins all day long revisiting the old memories.

But guess what? Your kids don’t share mutual feelings. There’s a good chance that they don’t like the relatives whose go-to comment, even after years, remain the same “kitna bada ho gya hai”!

So, don’t push them to meet the relatives. Don’t send/take them to relatives’ homes during puja. Let them be!

4. Travel to Thailand

Okay, your kids might not necessarily have Thailand in the itinerary; they might not even know of the place. But we supposed Thailand is the best holiday destination this Puja Vacation.

Close to home but with serenading international-esquefeeling, Thailand is *really* as amazing as these pictures say…

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Moreover, owing to the Puja craze, many travel agencies have introduced discounted Thailand holiday packages in recent times.

So, travel internationally; travel within a budget.

Your kids want to travel and enjoy their vacation in a good place. And most importantly, you know you want one such wellness outing as well! 😉

5. Spend The Vacation Like a Vacation

Again, this is a vacation. Treat it like one.

If you don’t already get a decently long leave from your office during puja, ask for one in advance. And spend the time with your kids, helping them enjoy some off-competitive, less-chaotic time. Help them create memories. Have fun with them.

Travel, take rides, see sights, pandal hop, try new foods, and spend as much time with your kids as you can. That’s how vacations are supposed to be. And that’s what your kids want in their upcoming puja holidays.


These are five things that your kids want this puja vacation.

Clearly, they are nothing too fancy, out-of-the-box and “too much”.

So, be a rockstar parent the upcoming holiday season and fulfil your kids’ wishes. Can you?

5 Things Your Kids (Desperately) Want to Do This Puja Vacation

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