Create an Instagram Following – Travel the Country!

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Are you on Instagram? When you hear that now, it sounds almost redundant to the ears, as you try everyday to post the best pictures you can set your eyes on, to give a glimpse of your life and have more people follow you on the social media platform.

But if you haven’t yet cracked the code and want to, then we have some tips in this blog that are going to help you increase your followers faster, with the help of quality content. How? By telling you the best Instagram-able places in the country, where you can get the best shots. All you need to start is a camera, a backpack, and an association with one of the best tour groups in India. Now, let’s start –

Visit the First Holy City – Travel to Varanasi

Where else would you find the kind of diversity that you find in arguably one of the oldest cities in known civilization, fabled to have been established by Lord Shiva itself. Some of the best photographers in the world have scored some beautiful shots in the city, and there is still so much about it that waits to explore with a new pair of eyes. Where else would you find such contrast of life and death, as every evening, priests all over the city come to offer their gratitude to the Holy Ganges on one bank, and on the other, the Domes cremate the bodies of the dead with fire from the eternal burner.

It’s introspective, contemplative, and has the heart of a billion people in it – a must visit if you like travel photography.

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English Moors and Setting on a Budget? Visit Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh

The Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal hides this gem of a place from the gaze of the rest of the world. Dalhousie is lush green in the summer and covered in snow during winters, both wonderful settings for the colonial buildings of the town that stand tall and proud as eons pass by around it. The city is beauty in landscape and people, and the right shot would have most people confused if you were indeed visiting the Moorish grasslands of England or some lesser known town in India. Whatever the case maybe, Dalhousie is a treat for the eyes and the camera!

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Take a Trip Down the French Boulevard of India – Stay in Puducherry or Pondicherry

If you want to visit France or Paris, and have a low budget and yet wide- eyed dreams, then Pondicherry is definitely the place to visit. Everything in the small city is filled with the French romantic essence and something as simple as a bicycle leaning on a yellow wall will seem like the perfect shot here. Take a look at the beautiful metal carved light posts, the clean streets, and the wonderful architecture, and for some time, you might truly forget that you are in India. What’s more? Pondicherry is not that crowded and that is what makes it the perfect place for all kinds of musings.

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Australian Gold Coast View in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Ever wanted to click amazing hill top shots of coastal cities – with the perfect blend of the azure waters, the sand beach, and urban human settlements after? No need to fly all the way to Australia, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh will give you the same shots. The winding tarmac against the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal as both slither side by side, is what Instagram dreams are made of.

All of the above 4 places will give you the most unique Insta shots for your profile that will have your followers admiring your photography skills. All you need now is to pack your camera bag and sign up with one of the reputed online travel agencies in India and get busy right now!

Do great pictures make followers?

Far from it actually – to become popular on social media, you need understand it well enough. While there is obviously the sponsored profile marketing, even free tools can help you reach a larger audience. Try trending hashtags –

Instagram has now introduced new feature which shows the number of posts each hashtag has, when you start typing one – and selecting relevant ones with large volume of posts help you reach a larger audience. Also, adding heartfelt captions about the travel experience give profile visitors some quality insight.

Another way to get things done and put your profile on the radar is to approach shout-out pages that already have the followers and post quality content for them. If you get through, there is probably no better deal.   Fair enough? Then start spending some time on promoting your pictures as well, and surely you will reach the audience you want to.


Create an Instagram Following – Travel the Country!


Create an Instagram Following – Travel the Country!

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