Take Your Family On A Holiday: 5 Tips For 20-Something Daughter/Son

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Taking the family on a vacation with your own salary has its own joy.

You will feel like you’ve finally grown up. If not, your mother will pound to you how great of a daughter/son you are and how proud she is of you. (And your dad — well, he’d be busy complaining! ;))

But, of course, planning one such family trip is easier said than done. It’s much more than just ringing the best tour operators in Kolkata and burdening them with the task. There are different loose ends that you should be considerate of.

Here are 5 tips for the 20-something daughters and sons to take their family on a (perfect) holiday:

  1. It Doesn’t Have To Be “Luxury”

You don’t necessarily have to pick the poshest city and resort. This holiday is more about “experience” than lavishness.

Your parents and siblings would care less about the size of the hotel rooms. What they would remember is how they felt during the trip. And they can feel great even on a budget.

Avoid luxury hotels and opt for something budget-friendly. Do not visit the extravagant restaurants; instead, go for the street-side vendors.

Besides, you have started earning only recently. So, it makes sense that you play smart with your budget.

  1. Pick a Popular Destination

This is important, in particular, if this is your first family holiday on your money.

Your parents wouldn’t want to go to some remote village —however beautiful — in the Isle of Skye. Because, one, they don’t really know its name; two, they wouldn’t be able to tell about the trip to their friends because those friends wouldn’t know about the destination either.

Pick a popular destination, which usually makes the first few holiday trips more exciting and memorable. Manali, Kerala, Bali, Thailand, Australia or more — as cliché as they may sound to you, your family would love these places.

  1. Hire A Good Group Tour Operator

This is, of course, quite a no-brainer. You can’t do it all by yourself. Not only would it be hassling, but it would also end up costing you more since you’re inexperienced. Look around and hire one of the top group tour operators.

Go through their packages and pick one that best suit your needs, preferences, and budget.

  1. Make It A Bit Longer

Say ‘no’ to a short trip. Not only is it hassling, but it is also quite difficult to soak in the fun of a holiday in limited days. It’s almost time to return even before you get into that holiday spirit.

Make sure you have enough time to explore the destination you’re visiting, to try newer foods, to partake in fun activities and to simply sit back and relax.

  1. Plan The Little Details In Advance

You like the hustle and spontaneity — your parents don’t.

Unless you want to give your father another reason to complain, make sure everything about the trip is well-planned. Sure, have enough flexibility to make other plans. But overall, be sure of what you all will be doing when, what places would you be visiting, where you will have your meals, and so forth.

The more planned the trip is, the better and easier will the experience be.

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It has been quite a while since you last shared some time and laughs with your family. Take a step today and make it happen. Take your parents, siblings and close family members on a holiday… with your own salary.

Make it fun, exciting and a perfect opportunity to create some more beautiful memories with the people you love.

Take Your Family On A Holiday: 5 Tips For 20-Something Daughter/Son

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