This Durga Puja, Explore Bengal Through One Of The Travel Agencies In Kolkata

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Durga Puja is knocking at the door, and just like very year this year too you must have planned a hell lot of things to be explored with your friends and family. From pandal hopping to eating rich Bengali cuisines, there are endless ways to celebrate this colourful Bong festival. But what if you could spend this Puja in a different and unique way? Yes, traveling is the best way to cherish your holidays and no other time of the year is as perfect as the vacation you get to enjoy during Durga Puja. You could spend first two days in your home town, and travel to the explored places of Bengal, away from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata’s city life.  Peaceful ways to spend the festival this year, that will help you garner the test of different flavours of Bengal and its remote places.

The leading travel agencies Kolkata give way to the most amazing deals and affordable packages in the festive season to help you discover the unexplored parts of Bengal, helping you get the much needed break from the mundane lifestyle.

Here are some of the best places of Bengal to visit this Durga Puja.

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Ambika Kalna

Renowned for the 108 terracotta Shiva temples, this is regarded as the abode of Goddess Kali and approximately 100 km away from Kolkata.  The aesthetic beauty here is irreplaceable, and the terracotta architecture of the temples will make you fall in love with this place.


Approximately 265 km away from Kolkata, this is a small village where you can relish the rural beauty of India without any hindrance.  This is a great place for those who are keen to learn angling, spot animals and enjoy a sunset by the Muradi lake. In October, the green trees cover this place with freshness, and nature pours ultimate beauty over mother earth.


140 km away from Kolkata, Bishnupur also has the richest and oldest range of terracotta temples, and were built around a hundred years earlier.  Thus, if you are interested in the history of Bengal, you must visit this place to be mesmerised by the beauty of architecture of old times.

online travel agencies in India


This small town near Bolpur, nearly 165 km away from Kolkata was established by Rabindranath Tagore, giving Bengali literature its right worth and place. Visva Bharti, one of India’s leading autonomous universities founded by Tagore is situated here, and the open classrooms with enthralling gardens and red soil will intoxicate you.


227 km away from, Murshidabad is one of the ancient places of Bengal, once served as the capital of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa under the rule of the erstwhile Nawab.  The Hazarduari palace is the main attraction here, and is worth a visit as Rs 16.5 lakh was spent on constructing it in the 19th century. This royal city also has the Nawabi culture residing today, with silk sarees and special kinds of sweets renowned here.


Mirik is a hill station near Darjeeling, and 620 km away from Kolkata and its Sumendu Lake is popular among travellers. Here you get to experience everything from monasteries, temples, shikara rides, to beautiful pristine views of the Kanchenjunga, to tea plantations, orange orchards and orchid gardens.


17k km away from Kolkata, this is a sea beach everyone looking out for tranquillity must explore. The longest ‘drivable’ beach, this place is worth your visit to sit by the sea shore, and introspect on life. Wait no more and plan one of the best group tour packages India there.

Thus, choose one of the leading online travel agencies in India, and set off to enjoy Puja differently this year.


This Durga Puja, Explore Bengal Through One Of The Travel Agencies In Kolkata


This Durga Puja, Explore Bengal Through One Of The Travel Agencies In Kolkata

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