The Lido

The Lido theatre hosts popular musicals, dance performances and magic shows. Nightly performances include Hollywood’s Memory Lane musical, Dance Night Fever, Blonde Bombshells and shows by British illusionist Rick Green. Bellini champagne bar is nearby.

Galaxy of the Stars

Offering panoramic views of the ocean from a glass-fronted observatory area, this lounge holds game shows, lectures and demonstrations. It is also a popular dance hotspot. A spiral staircase leads down to the Captain’s bridge gallery.

Vision (Close Up Magic) – Vincent Vignaud

Be part of an amazing experience as Europe’s top illusionist Vincent Vignaud takes you into an up close and personal encounter with his amazing illusions. A memorable event for you and your family as you get to have a fun interaction with the master illusionist himself giving you a first-hand glimpse of his astonishing tricks.

Spirit – Vincent Vignaud

Adrift in a sea of wonder and experience a mystical world of grand illusion as Europe’s top illusionist Vincent Vignaud takes you into the depths of his imagination. Get to witness a fusion of his grand illusions and performing arts that seemlessly blend well together creating a magnificent spectacle of magical moments.

Dance Night Fever

An interactive show that engages the audience to join in the fun of music and dancing. Featuring our world class ballroom couple from Belarus – Suzanna and Dima together with the talented Star Cruises canto pop musicians; feel the heat of ballroom dancing as this is your chance to be one of the kings and queens of the dance floor.

Magician Rick Green

Having been performed in different cruise lines all over the world, International illusionist based in U.K. Rick Green brings his mind-blowing illusions to the stage. Packed with visually striking acts from large scale illusions to close up magic performances, experience a thrill of a lifetime as a grand spectacle unfolds right before your eyes onboard SuperStar Virgo.

Memory Lane

An astounding theatrical production highlighting nostalgic memories of the 50’s from the elegance of Shanghai Tang to the Silver screen of Hollywood. Featuring remarkable performances by a world-class cast of singers, dancers and acrobats. Witness how they turn happy memories back to reality as they give you a trip down memory lane through an amazing arrangement of song, music, choreography, costumes, graphics and set design prepared to awaken blissful thoughts of each other’s heart warming experiences.

1001 Nights

A highly elaborate production created to bring childhood fairytales to life taking you to the most mystical countries of continents based on the stories of Scheherazade told to Shahryar – the fictional King of Persia encompassing India and China. The show narrates a variety of remarkable tales of adventures that unfold right in front of your eyes; featuring highly creative visuals together with a fusion of song, music, dance and gravity defying acts of astoundingly talented dancers and world-class acrobats. The show captures the essence of a storybook fairytale adventure that immerses the audience in an imaginative world of Arabian tales.